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 Birmingham Area
 Dead Animal Ditch
 Ghetto Banks
 Homewood Skate Park
 Horsetrack Ditch
 Sanctuary (Vestavia)
 Veterans Park (Alabaster)

 Gulf Shores
 Gulf Shores Skate Park

 Huntsville Area
 Insanity (Madison)
 HSV Public Park (coming soon!)

 Montgomery Area
 IBM Banks
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Alabama Skatespots !!!
The following are skatespots around Alabama that we have skated and possibly still skate regularly. Although we travel and skate around the country, we wanted to focus on our roots in Alabama and help spread the word of what great skateboarding Alabama has to offer! Also, we did not limit this to only skateparks like many sites tend to do. If you feel we need to add a spot not listed or you want to correct us on information, please feel free to send us an email!