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Horse Track Ditch (Birmingham, AL)
This legendary Birmingham skate spot has seen more than it's fair share of sessions. Since the 1980's when the Birmingham Horse Track was completed, this ditch has been skated. During it's "hey day", there would be lines of cars parked along the side of the road and 20-30 people skating or riding bikes on any given weekend night. Aside from the occassional parking curb, metal coping, plywood roll-ins, etc. positioned and re-positioned around it's edges, the ditch has changed very little in all these many years. The Birmingham Race Track abolished live horse racing in 1992, and the tracks have run only dog races since. However, the name "Horse Track Ditch" remains. If you are seeking a bit of nostalgia or simply a departure from the norm, this spot will satisfy your needs.

Overhead shot

Ditch layout
  • Take I-459 to Exit 31 - Derby Parkway.
  • If going south on I-459 veer right off of the exit. If going north, you will turn back left under I-459 off of the exit.
  • At the intersection of Derby Parkway and John Rogers Driver, turn right.
  • You will see the ditch across the road on the left hand side.
Directions to Alabaster's skatepark