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IBM Banks (Montgomery, AL)
I learned of this spot back around 1990 or so while at college at Auburn. A few Montgomery skaters clued us in on some of their local spots. Since Montgomery is only 40 minutes or so from Auburn, it was a nice change of pace to make the road trip over and skate for the day. Since we usually went on weekends, I can not recall ever being kicked out at this spot. Also, there were a few other fun street spots nearby before heading downtown to skate the banks there and other spots. IBM used to have a support center there, so the name "IBM Banks" was dubbed. However, I have learned that all these many years later, a lot of folks now know this spot as "Palomar" since the building is now home to Palomar Insurance.

The banks themselves are about 1 1/2 foot high at about a 30 degree angle (mellow) and form a rectangular planter. That means each corner is a small hip. The whole area is made of bricks, but the seams are pretty tight forming an overall smooth surface. Also, off to the side is a flag pole with a circular bank around it's base which makes for some fun lines and tricks as well. For the truly brave, there is a 12 stair set leading down to the banks.
From Birmingham:
  • Take I-65 South towards MONTGOMERY.
  • Merge onto I-85 North toward ATLANTA.
  • About 2.6 miles, merge onto US-231 S / US-80 W / AL-21 S / EASTERN BLVD / AL-53 S / AL-8 W via EXIT 6 toward TROY. (just keep a heads up for the EASTERN BLVD exit and turn right off the exit)
  • Turn RIGHT onto EXECUTIVE PARK DR. The spot is on the opposite side of the road but there is a divider.
  • Since there is a divider down the road, you will need to make a U-TURN at FAIRLANE DR onto EXECUTIVE PARK DR.